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Alfie Potts™ is a twelve year old schoolboy who, with the help and mentorship of his father, becomes an entrepreneur. Over the course of the storybooks, Alfie gets to learn a series of ‘life lessons‘ that don’t get taught in school. The aim of the Alfie Potts™ books is to empower both children and parents into thinking differently, developing themselves, and becoming the best they can be, knowing that by doing so anything becomes possible!

Book 1 – Alfie Potts

The Schoolboy Entrepreneur

Book One

In the first Alfie Potts story book Alfie learns the power of ‘ideas‘ and ‘problem solving‘. He starts his first business venture and earns his first wages, but it soon dawns on him that trading his time for money can have its drawbacks. After a lesson from Dad, Alfie learns the power of ‘leverage‘ and soon achieves his goal and more!

“My Grandson Calvin (11), inspired by Alfie Potts, has earned in excess of £40 during half term week, by designing his own leaflet and circulating it to the neighbours! I was speaking to his mum yesterday and she says he has now recruited his friend to help with the leaf clearing, but Calvin pays him less because it’s his business and he has to take his cut first”…Mike Kirkham

I love the book about Alfie:) My grandma Helga got it for me, it’s really great and I’m now running a cake business. Thank you for making such an awesome book!”Sophia Sparrow (14)

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Book 2 – Alfie and the Mind Virus

Book Two

In the second Alfie Potts story, Alfie gets a shock at school when one of his teachers isn’t exactly thrilled by his entrepreneurial success. He then learns a lesson from Dad about ‘lack programming‘ and is amazed to see a destructive ’Mind Virus‘ already working away at some of his very young friends. It could spell disaster for the school sports teams, but fortunately Dad teaches Alfie some lessons in ‘contribution‘ and ‘prosperity‘, and his creative ideas go on to save the day!

‎”Alfie Potts book 2 has inspired me to do things for charity and I recently walked on fire to raise some money. I plan to start on my own business with Aleco’s Ironing Services”… Alex Fletcher, age 9

“I have read Alfie Potts several times and learned loads of cool stuff. It inspired me to start a business selling plants to earn money!”Lewis Edmonds (11)

“I think Alfie Potts books are great! I KNOW I want to be an entrepreneur like Alfie. I can’t wait for the next one!”…Ben Dawson (9)

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Book 3 – Alfie and the Seminar

Book Three

In book 3 Alfie sees something he really wants, but is disappointed to find he doesn’t have enough money to buy it. His Dad then teaches him about ‘value to the marketplace‘, and he takes Alfie to see what he means first hand.

His eyes well and truly opened, Alfie gets way out of his comfort zone and plans his first seminar, and the value he provides means he soon gets what he wants and more.

“I really enjoyed reading the first 2 Alfie Potts Books. I think that I am going to be an Entrepreneur just like Alfie, because it is better than getting a Job”… Lewis Rowell, Age 9

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